About PhillyCHI

PhillyCHI is the Philadelphia region’s chapter of the ACM SIGCHI, an interdisciplinary academic and professional group interested in human-computer interaction, user experience, usability, and other related disciplines.

We are professionals, academicians, and students who are passionate about understanding the design, development, and use of computer-based systems. We come from various backgrounds and work in fields ranging from interface design, to programming, copywriting and user research.

We hold monthly meetings to discuss current topics in HCI in Philadelphia and Western suburbs. Meetings are usually in the form of a presentation, though we also hold panels, workshops, and an annual design slam competition. We also host monthly social events to allow folks an opportunity to network and socialize.

All PhillyCHI meetings and events are free and open to the public.

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ACM SIGCHI membership is not required to be a member of PhillyCHI and to participate in our discussions and events.

You can signup to become a PhillyCHI member on this site simply by filling out our membership form. Members of PhillyCHI are invited to join the PhillyCHI Facebook page, Yahoo group, and LinkedIn group.





  • Chair: Lis Pardi
  • Vice Chair: Victor Yocco
  • Secretary: Upma Singh
  • Treasurer: Brian Crumley


  • Chair: Phillip Le
  • Vice Chair: Victor Yocco
  • Secretary: Sarah Hopkins
  • Treasurer: Lis Pardi


  • Chair: Matt Thomas
  • Vice Chair: Sarah Hopkins
  • Secretary: Gerald Gant
  • Treasurer: Marie Pitcherella


  • Chair: Dave Cooksey
  • Vice Chair: Matt Thomas
  • Secretary: Jacqueline Caddle
  • Treasurer: Matt Ventre


  • Chair: Michael Carvin
  • Vice Chair: David Farkas
  • Secretary: Kelani Nichole
  • Treasurer: Matt Gregg


  • Chair: Michael Carvin
  • Vice Chair: Kel Smith
  • Secretary: Jessica Ivins
  • Treasurer: Dave Cooksey


  • Chair: Dave Cooksey
  • Vice Chair: Kel Smith
  • Treasurer: Jessica Ivins


  • Chair: Dave Cooksey
  • Vice Chair: Dom LaCava
  • Treasurer: Dennis Schleicher
  • Secretary: Crystal Kubitsky


  • Chair: Dave Cooksey
  • Vice Chair: Crystal Kubitsky
  • Treasurer / Secretary: Amber DeRosa


  • Chair: Kyle Pero
  • Vice Chair: Amber DeRosa
  • Treasurer: Bill Bulman
  • Secretary: Mike Madaio

2005 (Founding Officers)

  • Chair: Dan Tobin
  • Vice Chair: Amber DeRosa
  • Treasurer: Dom LaCava
  • Secretary: Helena Mentis

Some Facts about Our Parent Organization

  • The Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) is a society for information technology professionals with over 75,000 members worldwide
  • The ACM’s Special Interest Group in Human-Computer Interaction (SIGCHI) has over 6,000 members worldwide.