One Person’s Link Bait is Another Person’s News: Understanding Generational Computing

While technology changes quickly, the way people understand that technology is deeply rooted in who they are and how their world worked in the past.

We’ll look at technology trends through the lens of each generation: Boomers, Xoomers, Gen X, Millenials and Gen Z to decode what they expect from technology, how they approach it and why.

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Finally Found The Love of a Lifetime: Customer Journey Maps

Does your organization lack the motivation to understand users’ point of view? Are your process maps or service blueprints internally focused, rather than user-centric? Are your recommendation reports data-rich but persuasion-poor? Customer journey maps might be just what you need. Come learn about this emerging tool, how it can be used in conjunction with other UX research methods, and how it can enable you to tell a compelling data story from users’ perspective. Perhaps most importantly, come experience what it feels like to create a simple journey map via a hands-on activity.

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9th Annual Design Slam

The Design Slam is a collaborative event in user experience design where participants compete in teams to develop the best design solution for a given challenge. Each team will develop a compelling solution to this year’s challenge using the materials provided. Teams will pitch their designs to the group and a panel of judges will select the winning design. Spectators are welcome.

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Design for Kids

In this fun, interactive session, you’ll learn the basics of designing for kids through hands-on activities, projects and collaborative activities. You will learn techniques for research and testing with kids as well as specific strategies for designing for kids of different ages. Finally, you’ll learn how to apply these strategies and techniques to adult audiences as well.

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2015 UX Workshop Series

This year, PhillyCHI has organized an educational workshop series for beginner practitioners, students, and professionals working in digital who are interested in learning about topics in usability, user experience, and information architecture.

The series has been built upon topics that are foundational to the practice of user experience. Each half-day workshop is designed to teach fundamental theory and its application through case studies and hands-on exercises.

Tickets may be purchased for single workshops ($35) or the entire series ($315).

Please join us! Sessions are capped at 30 students so don’t wait because they will sell out.

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