Great Meeting – Taxonomy: Shoulders to Stand On

August’s panel on taxonomies was a real success in terms of turnout, participation, and overall good vibes. The presentations were short & engaging, and the following discussion demonstrated what a talented, smart, engaged community of practice we have here in the Philadelphia area. Thanks to everyone for coming out and sharing your ideas, challenges, and advice.

The taxonomy panel was such a success that we would like to continue the conversation by having another panel in 2008 on going beyond taxonomy. We will discuss the many ways in which information professionals may extend the power of their classification schema by employing controlled vocabulary, ontologies, and other machine processing. Interested in speaking? Just let me know.

Many thanks to Emily, Julia, and John for sharing their experiences and leading such a great conversation.

Below are the slides from each of the presentations as they are on SlideShare. Thanks to everyone for sharing!

If you’re interested in keeping up with PhillyCHI presentations, Take a look at SlideShare from time to time. We will be posting presentations under the PhillyCHI user account. Thanks!

Dave Cooksey
PhillyCHI Chair

Dave Cooksey, GSI Interactive – “Taxonomy & User Experience”

Emily Culbertson, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation – “’s Rollout of Topic Taxonomy”

John Ferrara, Vanguard – “Machine Processing of Taxonomy”

Julia Remick, YellowBook USA – “The consumer-based search: a taxonomic reaction”