Great Meeting – Collaging: What Your Users Wish They Could Tell You

Priyanka Kakar and Steve Cleff discuss Priyanks's collagePhillyCHI had a great May meeting on the user research methodology of collaging. Steve’s presentation and exercise were really interesting and sparked a lot of conversation. The technique seems really simplistic, but offers surprisingly rich contextual understanding to a project.

For those of you who missed the meeting, collaging is a user research technique where users are shown a number of random images with the instructions to select images that they think convey what they want from a product, service, or brand.

Pictures of the event:

For the exercise on Thursday, two users from PhillyCHI (Priyanka Kakar and Jon Deutsch) participated, pulling images to describe what they wanted from the new PhillyCHI website. Both Priyanka and Jon gave great feedback as to what they would like the new site to provide users. This information will be used in the design of the new site.

Thanks again to Steve and everyone at Avenue A | Razorfish for hosting a great social & meeting!