PhillyCHI April Meeting – Andrew Hinton

* Please join us at our monthly meeting where Andrew Hinton will discuss communities of practice and the challenges they present to designers. Refreshments served, thoughts provoked. *

Date: Wednesday, April 25, 2007
Time: 6 – 8 pm
* Refreshments served from 6 – 6:30 pm *
Location: Berger Auditorium, Skirkanich Hall, University of Pennsylvania
210 South 33rd Street, Philadelphia, PA 19104

“Conversation is king. Content is just something to talk about.” – Cory Doctorow

How can design address the increasing demand for collaborative work, meaningful conversation and social connection? In this presentation, Andrew will explore how “Community of Practice” is more than just a 90s knowledge-management buzz-phrase. He will argue that it is an important model for understanding group behavior – and one that is becoming crucial to designing in the age of Wikipedia, MySpace and YouTube.

Andrew will provide an essential understanding of “communities of practice” and will look at information architecture as a handy
example. He will also examine how the concept helps designers in planning for a variety of collaborative environments – from intranets and medical forums to multiplayer games.

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