Finally Found The Love of a Lifetime: Customer Journey Maps

Does your organization lack the motivation to understand users’ point of view? Are your process maps or service blueprints internally focused, rather than user-centric? Are your recommendation reports data-rich but persuasion-poor? Customer journey maps might be just what you need. Come learn about this emerging tool, how it can be used in conjunction with other UX research methods, and how it can enable you to tell a compelling data story from users’ perspective. Perhaps most importantly, come experience what it feels like to create a simple journey map via a hands-on activity.

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About the Presenters

Alicia Hatter is a Senior User Experience researcher in The Vanguard Group, Inc.’s Client Insight division. She is the lead UX researcher for Vanguard’s U.S. and International Financial Advisor Services businesses, and is responsible for helping design and business teams to achieve UX success by providing needs-based and behavioral insights into the audiences their products serve. Drawing on her university teaching background, Alicia developed enterprise level training on personas and journey maps that is now part of Vanguard University’s curriculum. Alicia holds a Ph.D. in Communication Studies and Information Design from Clemson University, and, along with Amber DeRosa, has presented research at UXPA London and the Agile Alliance conference. Alicia also has a cat named George who acts like a dog (ask her how!)

Amber DeRosa is a Senior User Experience researcher in The Vanguard Group Inc.’s Client Insight division. Amber is the lead UX researcher for Vanguard’s Retail mobile app and is leading the company’s enterprise wide accessibility initiative. Amber was the founding Vice-Chair of PhillyCHI and she remains an active member of Philadelphia’s UX community. Amber has presented UX research at national and international conferences, including UXPA London and the Agile Alliance Conference. Amber received a Master’s degree in Information Science and Technology with a focus in HCI from Drexel University’s iSchool in 2004. Amber has a cat named Dexter who is sweet to whom he knows but shy with others, but at least he does not bite. (George bites).

About PhillyCHI

PhillyCHI is the Philadelphia region’s chapter of the ACM SIGCHI, an interdisciplinary academic and professional group interested in Human-Computer Interaction, User Experience, Usability, and other related disciplines. PhillyCHI holds monthly meetings and socials to network and discuss current topics in HCI.

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