Beyond Pink & Blue: Gender, User Behavior & the Design Process

Thursday July 10th
6PM – 9PM
Location: First Round Capital

When considering the needs of our audience, gender is often taken for granted or misunderstood. We ignore it or resort to meaningless assumptions such as women like pink stuff and men like football. Yet we’re making design decisions every day for people whose gender inherently impacts the way they behave and present themselves to the world, both offline and online.

Meanwhile, the cover of Time magazine recently proclaimed the transgender movement as “the next civil rights frontier.” Unsure of what it means to be transgender? You’re not alone. How do we make informed design decisions if we struggle to understand the conventional behaviors associated with gender, let alone understand a new civil rights movement that’s disrupting that very paradigm?

The answer, as any UX designer will tell you, is it depends. Gender’s role in each design process is as varied as the products we build throughout our careers. Through an exploration of case studies, design patterns, and a grounding in gender identity, this session will provide a suite of tools and strategies that we can employ to account for the role of gender in the design process.


About Jessica Ivins 

Jessica is a User Experience (UX) designer and educator who speaks, writes, and volunteers for many things UX. In August of 2014 she will join Center Centre, a UX design school located in Chattanooga, Tennessee, as a faculty member. She has spoken internationally at conferences such as SXSW, Midwest UX, IA Summit, UX Camp Ottawa, and UX Cambridge (UK). She has organized UX book club meetings, taught classes for Girl Develop It, and served on the board of PhillyCHI, Philadelphia’s UX community. Prior to joining Center Centre, Jessica was a senior experience designer at Happy Cog and lead UX designer at AWeber.

Jess is passionate about making everything she touches easy and enjoyable to use. A strong advocate for universal usability, she’s admittedly befuddled by a lack of clarity in everything from road signage to food packaging. She especially likes to drive her family nuts by complaining about the plastic film on food containers that can’t be removed without a knife.

Outside of work, she likes to cook and read. You can often find her enjoying either a fine glass of malbec or an IPA.

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About PhillyCHI

PhillyCHI is the Philadelphia region’s chapter of the ACM SIGCHI, an interdisciplinary academic and professional group interested in Human-Computer Interaction, User Experience, Usability, and other related disciplines. PhillyCHI holds monthly meetings and socials to network and discuss current topics in HCI. Learn more at or follow along on Twitter at @PhillyCHI.