Austin Seraphin: Interface Accessibility for the Vision Impaired

Please join PhillyCHI as we present Austin Seraphin, a blind accessibility consultant, who will take us on a tour of different interfaces and describe how a blind user interacts with them.


About the Presentation

He will start with the command line, journey through the world of bulletin board systems, dive into graphical interfaces such as Windows and Mac, and bring things up to date with the latest in touch screen technology. Of course, the web will also receive attention. He will show some general best practices any developer or designer can easily implement to make things more accessible to everyone. And you never know what other surprises he may have for you.

About the Presenter

Austin Seraphin became blind at birth. He started programming on an Apple II/e at the age of seven. Since then he has used all major operating systems, and learned a number of programming languages. He currently uses iOS, Mac OS, and Linux. He offers a unique perspective both as a blind user and a blind developer.

About PhillyCHI

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