Joint PhillyCHI | NJ UPA April Meeting – Bill Buxton: From the Materialistic to the Experiential

We’re pleased to partner with Usability NJ for our April meeting, where Bill Buxton will give a talk entitled, “From the Materialistic to the Experiential: A Changing Perspective on Design.”

Tuesday, April 21, 2009
6:30 PM – Meet and greet with hors d’ouevres and soft drinks
7:00 PM – Presentation
8:30 PM – Book signing – We will hand out flyers from the publisher for 20 percent off Bill Buxton’s new book.  Bill will sign a bookplate that can be affixed to the book.

Computer Science Large Auditorium
Princeton University
35 Olden Street, Room 105
Princeton, New Jersey 08542


Carpool and Public Transit Information: We will update this area with a link to our Facebook page to help people traveling from Philly.


About the Presentation

Bill Buxton will talk about the transition from where we view design as primarily concerned with the material object (the device, dress, home, service, etc.) to a new state where our focus is on the experience that result from those same objects and services. One of the consequences is that great design (which equates to great experience) cannot be confined to, nor is it the sole purview of, any one department (design, marketing, or engineering, as examples). Rather, design has to be viewed in a holistic manner, and executing great design must involve every person in the food chain that produces the product. This not only has deep implications on what designers do. It also compels us to rethink who or what is a designer, and who is not. In order to do great design in the future — whatever that may mean — implies that the most important thing that we need to design is design itself. And yet, the paradox is, this is the only way to save design as a distinct and critical profession.

About the Presenter

Bill Buxton is a relentless advocate for innovation, design, and – especially – the appropriate consideration of human values, capacity, and culture in the conception, implementation, and use of new products and technologies.  This is reflected in his research, teaching, talks, and writing – including his column on design and innovation for, and his 2007 book, Sketching User Experiences.

In December 2005, he was appointed Principal Researcher at Microsoft Research. Prior to that, he was Principal of his own Toronto-based boutique design and consulting firm, Buxton Design.

To learn more about Bill, visit

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