PhillyCHI Call For Entries: UX Show & Tell at Think Brownstone

Calling all UX and HCI professionals!

Do you have a unique and interesting UX project that you would like to share with the PhillyCHI community?  Would you like to gain some exposure as a local UX professional?  Are you just really proud of some past or recent projects you’ve worked on? Then come out and share it with us!

On October 23rd, Think Brownstone will graciously open its doors to PhillyCHI for an Open Studio / UX Show & Tell event. We have three available presentation slots available to PhillyCHI members. To be considered for a slot to present, follow the submissions guidelines below:

Guidelines For Submissions

Submit a 5 slide( max.) powerpoint or PDF presentation by OCTOBER 11th (DEADLINE WAS EXTENDED) to (Subject: Show & Tell entry) which answers the following questions:

  • What was the project problem? (Define the scope)
  • What UX approach or process was used to tackle the problem?
  • What were some of the UX design challenges?
  • What was the size of team involved and what were the roles of team members?
  • Who were the end-users and how did the solution address their need(s)?
  • Who were the primary stakeholders?
  • What were the takeaways or lessons learned?

Note: Feel free to be creative and use imagery, infographics, data visualizations, etc. to convey the answers to the questions above.

Entries will be judged by the PhillyCHI board on the following criteria:
  • Complexity of the problem
  • Originality and suitability of the solution
  • Visual quality of presentation content
  • Uniqueness of UX design challenges

After the submission deadline, the PhillyCHI board will review all entries, and then select three entries to be presented by the participants at the UX Show & Tell / Open Studio. If your presentation is selected, you will be able to refine it and extend it to 10-15 slides (or approximately 10 minutes of presentation time). You will also be allowed to present with up to 2 other team members (3 presenters total).


Have questions? Ping us on Twitter or LinkedIn!