Why We Fail: Learning from Experience Design Failures

Please join PhillyCHI as we present Victor Lombardi who will discuss what we can learn from experience design failures.


About the Presentation

Why We Fail: Learning from Experience Design Failures
Victor Lombardi, author of the book Why We Fail, spent the past two years researching websites and consumer electronics that were successfully launched and hailed as great designs, but failed unexpectedly when people used them, such as Google Wave, Pownce, and Microsoft’s Zune. Victor found a set of distinct patterns of failure that we can use to identify the customer experience risk in our own products.

Victor will discuss:

  • The difference between design and the customers’ experience
  • Why understanding your customers’ experience is increasingly important
  • Case studies of well-designed products with undesirable experiences
  • Patterns of experience failure
  • How we can avoid customer experience failure in our own work

About the Presenter

Victor Lombardi is an award-winning product designer, contributing to over 40 Internet projects since 1994. His writing has appeared in several publications including Fast Company and Interactions on topics ranging from generating concepts for new products to website evolution over time. Since 1999 he has published his ideas on business, design, and the Internet on his website: noisebetweenstations.com.Victor earned a master’s degree in music technology from New York University and a bachelor’s degree in journalism from Rutgers University. He co-founded the Information Architecture Institute and the Overlap conference, and has taught design at the Parsons School of Design and the Pratt Institute. He lives in Montclair, NJ with his wife Ulrike and their two children, Anna and Thomas.

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