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2008 Officers

It’s official! The results from the officer elections are in. PhillyCHI officers for 2008 are:

Chair: Dave Cooksey
Vice Chair: Dom LaCava
Secretary: Crystal Kubitsky
Treasurer: Dennis Schleicher


2008 Officer Elections

It’s time to elect a new round of leadership for PhillyCHI’s upcoming year. The election will begin on December 3rd on our Yahoo! Groups web page via an online poll. The election will run for a week. Below are the nominated candidates.

Nominations for Chair

Dave Cooksey
Dave Cooksey
Bio: Dave currently works as a User Experience Lead at GSI Interactive, the agency arm of GSI Commerce, Inc., a turnkey e-commerce provider based in King of Prussia, PA. He has training in both the social sciences & education and recently received a master’s degree in Information Systems from the iSchool at Drexel University. He lives in the city with his partner, Gordon.

Statement: When I ran for Chair in 2007, my main goals for the chapter were to put on great meetings, increase PhillyCHI’s reach in the community, and have some fun. This year attendance at meetings & happy hours has been strong: average meeting attendance – 38; average happy hour attendance – 15. Our meetings covered many topics and took many forms from presentations, to panels, to technique & technology demonstrations. And we’ve worked with some great organizations in the area: the UPA, the iSchool at Drexel, GSI Commerce, Digitas Health, Vanguard, Avenue A | Razorfish, G2, and Messagefirst to name a few.

If given the opportunity, I would like to continue building on this year’s momentum and make 2008 an even better year for PhillyCHI.

Nominations for Vice Chair

Dom LaCava
Bio: Dom stated his career in information systems as an intern archivist at the Hagley Museum and Library in 1993. He pursued his archival interests as the Associate Curator of the Archives of Industrial Society at the University of Pittsburgh in 1996. In 1999, after becoming interested in electronic information storage and retrieval, he enrolled in the graduate program at Drexel University’s College of Information System and Technology, while also working as a Networks Graduate Assistant. Upon graduating in 2001, Dom accepted a position at Lockheed Martin as a systems engineer designing surveillance display systems. After four years at Lockheed, he accepted a position at The Vanguard Group and is currently working as a Senior Usability Engineer in the User Experience Group.

Dom received a BA in History from Haverford College, an MA in History from the University of Pittsburgh, and an MS in Information Systems from Drexel University.

Statement: As vice chair, I aim to strengthen networking experiences among PhillyCHI members as well as with the larger user interface design community in the area.

Nominations for Secretary

Crystal Kubitsky
Crystal KubitskyBio: I am a Lead Information Architect for Comcast Interactive Media in Center City Philadelphia. I have been an active member of the Information Architecture Institute and PhillyCHI for several years. At Comcast Interactive Media, I work to improve the customer experience and the business our content portal, gaming sites, and search services. I am currently holding the Vice Chair position for PhillyCHI.

Statement: PhillyCHI has been instrumental in my education and grown as an information architect. Our meetings and networking events provide all who attend with an incredible support system of members, opportunities to further your career through education and discussion of new topics and techniques from world-class speakers and local superstars. I would value the opportunity, as an Officer, to give back to the local professional community by driving efforts to support members, their careers, and the community at large.

As Secretary, I will support the planning and communications efforts of PhillyCHI to increase our reach and continue to provide quality opportunities for education and networking. I will reach out to folks from other disciplines to help them become more aware of our community and our field so that we may be able to better bridge the gaps and create useful, usable and valuable products and services for our families and friends. I will also look to aid our Chair and Vice Chair in bringing in new speakers from other disciplines and other perspectives to help our community grow through exposure to new and different ideas and practices.

With every event I attend, I am still blown away by the people and the content. This is such an amazing field and we have an incredible community of intelligent, energetic and supportive folks from all disciplines. I love being a part of it and I look forward to seeing you all at the next event.

Thank you for taking time to read this and considering me for a position as an Officer for PhillyCHI in 2008.

Nominations for Treasurer

Dennis SchleicherDennis Schleicher
Bio: Dennis is a senior information architect at e.magination where he works with interdisciplinary teams on intranet and web presence initiatives. He has also worked at CTC, an applied R&D non-profit, at JWT with Ford and Dominos, and at Argus Associates supporting their cutting edge information architecture initiatives on user research, ethnography, and usability. He organized a number of local IA gatherings in the Detroit area and was co-chair of the IA Summit 2006. His background includes degrees and research in business and industrial anthropology.

Statement: I have had a great time at the different PhillyCHI meetings and events giving me wonderful opportunities for professional development and personal friendships. It has given me so much, I wanted to give something back and do all I can to help support this great organization. I believe I can make a positive contribution to PhillyCHI through my professionalism and efforts to achieve excellence and progress. I have always liked and want to be involved in local professional groups. I like to help and grow communities in anyway I can. I really like meeting people and learning more about CHI topics. So what better way to be locally involved than PhillyCHI?

Thanks, Dennis!

PhillyCHI would like to thank Dennis Schleicher for donning his fedora and leading us all on a journey to discover the priceless treasures of anthropological inquiry. Attendees of last week’s meeting learned what techniques and approaches can be used to inform design by example (the Ford vehicle owners’ site) as well as industry trends (EPIC2007).

We’re currently working on getting a recording of the meeting together. Hopefully, that will arrive sooner, rather than later.

Thanks again, Dennis!

Thank You for a Great Meeting

All of us at PhillyCHI would like to thank Dr. Kathryn Summers, Dr. Jean Fox, Michael Summers, and Nick Boswell for coming up from Baltimore | D.C. to present at our September meeting. The presentation and discussion were both engaging and educational and went far beyond a typical introduction.

For folks who would like a copy of the handout from the meeting, it can be viewed at:

Thanks again to Kathryn, Jean, Michael, and Nick for all their time and effort. We really appreciate it.