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June Happy Hour

For the summer, PhillyCHI will take a break on holding socials. So get out and enjoy the sun already! Look for our regularly scheduled happy hours, which are held on the third Thursday of the month, to return in September.

Great Meeting – Collaging: What Your Users Wish They Could Tell You

Priyanka Kakar and Steve Cleff discuss Priyanks's collagePhillyCHI had a great May meeting on the user research methodology of collaging. Steve’s presentation and exercise were really interesting and sparked a lot of conversation. The technique seems really simplistic, but offers surprisingly rich contextual understanding to a project.

For those of you who missed the meeting, collaging is a user research technique where users are shown a number of random images with the instructions to select images that they think convey what they want from a product, service, or brand.

Pictures of the event:

For the exercise on Thursday, two users from PhillyCHI (Priyanka Kakar and Jon Deutsch) participated, pulling images to describe what they wanted from the new PhillyCHI website. Both Priyanka and Jon gave great feedback as to what they would like the new site to provide users. This information will be used in the design of the new site.

Thanks again to Steve and everyone at Avenue A | Razorfish for hosting a great social & meeting!

PhillyCHI May Meeting – Collaging: What Your Users Wish They Could Tell You

* Please join us this month at Avenue A | Razorfish Philadelphia for an introduction to Collaging, a research method employed to elicit user attitudes and associations. Space is limited, so sign up early! *

Date: Thursday, May 17, 2007
Time: 6 – 8 pm
* Wine & cheese from 6 – 6:30 pm *
Location: Avenue A | Razorfish Philadelphia
417 North Eighth Street, 2nd Floor, Philadelphia, PA 19123
Phone: 267-295-7100
RSVP: – Please RSVP by Monday, May 14th

Avenue A | Razorfish will present an overview of the User Research method of Collaging

Collaging is an exercise where users select randomly chosen images that represent the type of experience they seek. Users then have a conversation with the moderator about the reasons behind their choices. The data generated from this exercise provides insight into the context users bring to a specific interaction, enabling design teams to create valuable user experiences.

This presentation will explain the development of the method of Collaging, how to perform it, when it is useful, when it is not, and how to apply findings. In addition, examples from case studies will be discussed, and a live Collaging exercise will be performed with participants from the audience to generate data used for the new PhillyCHI website.

About Our Sponsor:
Avenue A | Razorfish is one of the largest interactive marketing and technology services agencies in the world. An operating unit of Seattle-based aQuantive, Inc. (NASDAQ: AQNT), Avenue A | Razorfish synthesizes technology with a great understanding of customer needs and provides solutions through distinct business disciplines, which include: analytics, strategy, technology, media, creative design and user experience.

As one of the largest interactive agencies in the U.S., Avenue A | Razorfish offers clients unmatched advertising and Web site development services and unparalleled solutions for managing the complete customer lifecycle through an integrated, online channel.

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May Happy Hour

Our May social event is being combined with our May meeting on Thursday, May 17, 2007. So make sure you come early to enjoy wine and cheese with the Avenue A | Razorfish team and PhillyCHI members!

Great Meeting – Architectures for Conversation II

Andrew HintonPhillyCHI had a great April meeting! Andrew Hinton’s presentation of “Architectures for Conversation II” provoked and entertained. For those of you who were not able to attend, both the slides to the presentation as well as a few photos are available.

For the presentation slides, please visit Andrew’s blog at (available soon).

Photos of the event are available now at

Thanks to everyone who came out. A special thanks to our sponsor, Vanguard.

Also, thank you to the University of Pennsylvania for offering PhillyCHI the use of its meeting spaces. The Berger Auditorium is a great space for presentations. We appreciate the university’s support of PhillyCHI.

PhillyCHI April Meeting – Andrew Hinton

* Please join us at our monthly meeting where Andrew Hinton will discuss communities of practice and the challenges they present to designers. Refreshments served, thoughts provoked. *

Date: Wednesday, April 25, 2007
Time: 6 – 8 pm
* Refreshments served from 6 – 6:30 pm *
Location: Berger Auditorium, Skirkanich Hall, University of Pennsylvania
210 South 33rd Street, Philadelphia, PA 19104

“Conversation is king. Content is just something to talk about.” – Cory Doctorow

How can design address the increasing demand for collaborative work, meaningful conversation and social connection? In this presentation, Andrew will explore how “Community of Practice” is more than just a 90s knowledge-management buzz-phrase. He will argue that it is an important model for understanding group behavior – and one that is becoming crucial to designing in the age of Wikipedia, MySpace and YouTube.

Andrew will provide an essential understanding of “communities of practice” and will look at information architecture as a handy
example. He will also examine how the concept helps designers in planning for a variety of collaborative environments – from intranets and medical forums to multiplayer games.

About Our Sponsor:
Vanguard is among the world’s largest investment management companies, but our structure makes us unique: we’re owned by the clients we serve. Our structure allows us to focus on meeting our clients’ needs–rather than turning a profit for corporate owners or stockholders. Vanguard employees–called crew members–are also Vanguard investors, which makes our crew even more dedicated in their pursuit of unmatcheable excellence. And because nearly two thirds of our interactions with our clients occur on, our Web Services crew set the tone for the quality of our client experience.

The User Experience Group in Web Services provides information architecture, information design, content, user research, and
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Vanguard’s User Experience Group has over 65 specialists working to produce superior user experiences for our clients.

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