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UX Show and Tell

On September 17th, Think Brownstone (Conshohocken) will once again open its doors to PhillyCHI for an Open Studio/UX Show and Tell event. Four local user experience professionals – including Think Brownstone! – will present PhillyCHI membership with their UX project stories. Social time will be from 6:30pm-7pm, and Q&A time will be after the last presenter has concluded.

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PhillyCHI Show and Tell: Call for Submissions

Do you have a unique and interesting UX project to share with the PhillyCHI community? Would you like to gain exposure as a local UX professional? Are you proud of a past or recent project you’ve worked on? Tell us about it!

On September 17th, Think Brownstone (Conshohocken) will once again host the PhillyCHI Show and Tell event. We have three presentation slots available to PhillyCHI members. To be considered for a slot, follow these submissions guidelines:

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One Person’s Link Bait is Another Person’s News: Understanding Generational Computing

While technology changes quickly, the way people understand that technology is deeply rooted in who they are and how their world worked in the past.

We’ll look at technology trends through the lens of each generation: Boomers, Xoomers, Gen X, Millenials and Gen Z to decode what they expect from technology, how they approach it and why.

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Finally Found The Love of a Lifetime: Customer Journey Maps

Does your organization lack the motivation to understand users’ point of view? Are your process maps or service blueprints internally focused, rather than user-centric? Are your recommendation reports data-rich but persuasion-poor? Customer journey maps might be just what you need. Come learn about this emerging tool, how it can be used in conjunction with other UX research methods, and how it can enable you to tell a compelling data story from users’ perspective. Perhaps most importantly, come experience what it feels like to create a simple journey map via a hands-on activity.

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