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PhillyCHI 2017 Elections are Open

The Time Has Come… Vote For Your 2017 PhillyCHI Officers!

The polls will close on Thursday, December 8th at 12pm. The new 2017 PhillyCHI Board will be announced that evening at the Joint PhillyCHI/PANMA/PhillyPUG Holiday Party.

Good luck to all candidates!

Note: This link is being distributed via the PhillyCHI e-mail list and LinkedIn group only.

Let’s Meet the Candidates for 2017!

Candidates for Chair

Brian Crumley

Nominee: Brian Crumley

Reason for Nomination:

Brian has served on the PhillyCHI board for the last two years and feels his business is not yet finished. In the last two years, Brian has used his connections from all across the city to help sponsor events—both monetarily and as partnerships with other groups to bring fresh membership. PhillyCHI has grown tremendously under his steed. Attendance at PhillyCHI events has been better this year than in years past, and this helps the organization grow, which is a direct benefit to the professionals who attend to learn from peers as well as network. Brian is also an organizer for BarCamp Philly and the Forge Conference, and has an acute understanding of executing and maintaining logistics. Brian has brought these skills and has grown the PhillyCHI community both in quality and influence.

Brief Biography:

Brian is a Front-End Lead and UX Developer at O3 World, an Interactive Agency in the Fishtown area of Philadelphia. There he works with the design and strategy teams on projects to ideate on and test the overall experience of websites. Brian is an organizer for BarCamp Philly and the UX-focused Forge Conference, frequent local event attendee, occasional snowboarder, and unapologetic foodie.

Steve Pashley

Nominee: Steve Pashley

Reason for Nomination:

Steve finds PhillyCHI to be a vital source of information and inspiration for the UX design community. As Chair of PhillyCHI he would like to focus his efforts toward more educational resources for the community especially in areas of UX management and leadership.

Brief Biography:

Steve is currently UX Lead at Elsevier Inc. where he provides design direction for a suite of eLearning software for healthcare professionals. In this role, Steve advocates for the adoption of lean, user-centered, design processes that deliver exceptional user experiences and business results. Lean UX and Design Sprints are two key tools Steve applies to deliver exceptional, focused, and usable design solutions. In addition to his role at Elsevier, Steve is the volunteer Executive Director of The Dare Two Foundation. Dare Two is dedicated to designing solutions that help individuals prevent type 2 diabetes.

Candidates for Vice-Chair

Stephanie Lin

Nominee: Stephanie Lin

Reason for Nomination:

After serving as Treasurer of PhillyCHI for the past year, Stephanie has polished her leadership skills and is ready to move up the ranks to serve as Vice Chair. Being a part of the PhillyCHI community has helped Stephanie in her career and she feels very motivated to keep giving back and helping others through career progress and career transitions.

Brief Biography:

Stephanie is a current board member of PhillyCHI, and a UI/UX Designer at Tembo, Inc. At her current role, she works alongside with product managers, data analysts, and developers to create engaging tools for school leaders, educators, and families, in hopes of making data more accessible for users to arrive at better, well-informed decicions. She is excited to be in the intersection between defining problems, understanding user needs, and designing beautiful interfaces. She is also involved in volunteering with The Humane League, a non-profit focused on farm animal advocacy work. Stephanie received a B.S. in Marketing, and minored in Graphic Design at Lehigh University.

Candidates for Treasurer

Kelsey Leljedal

Nominee: Kelsey Leljedal

Reason for Nomination:

Kelsey has been attending PhillyCHI events since she came to Philadelphia in 2012 and thinks it provides the community with excellent user experience events. She is excited to use her budgetary skills she gained from running the LadyHacks hackathon.

Brief Biography:

Kelsey has been working in the Philly tech scene since 2012 where she spent four and a half years as a content writer and editor. Currently, she is a digital strategist for TMNA Services, LLC. She attends other tech meetups including Philly Content Strategy Meetup, Philadelphia Area New Media Association (PANMA), and Girl Develop It, Philadelphia, and she serves on the planning committees for the LadyHacks hackathon and the Women in Tech Summit. For fun Kelsey likes to create graphic design and craft projects, read, travel, and attend local theatre.

Candidates for Secretary

Megan Moser

Nominee: Megan Moser

Reason for Nomination:

Megan has been a member of PhillyCHI for a year and a half. She is currently studying design at Penn and has been able to incorporate UX thinking into her work. She’s learned so much by attending PhillyCHI events, and has found it to be a welcoming and supportive community. Megan would love to contribute her program design and events management experience to PhillyCHI, and also to support the community at it continues to grow and thrive.

Brief Biography:

Megan is a Senior Associate Director in the McNulty Leadership Program at the Wharton School (University of Pennsylvania), where she works at the intersection of data, technology, and people to create processes and systems that support and advance the student experience and the work of the program. She partners with faculty to run the Authors@Wharton Speaker Series and Student Committee, and provides oversight for the Leadership Program’s signature events. Megan joined the Wharton School in 2011, helping to launch the Executive Coaching and Feedback Program and Authors@Wharton, along with several other initiatives. Prior to Wharton, Megan worked at an executive coaching and strategic communication consulting firm, where she was part of a team that launched a new revenue-generating practice. She also spent several years in the nonprofit sector, working in volunteer administration and behavioral health. Megan graduated summa cum laude from Chestnut Hill College with a B.A. in Human Services, and is currently studying Design through the University’s Post-Baccalaureate program, where she has taken a variety of courses including 3-d, web and digital design.

Vote For Your 2017 PhillyCHI Officers!

About PhillyCHI

PhillyCHI is the Philadelphia region’s chapter of the ACM SIGCHI, an interdisciplinary academic and professional group interested in Human-Computer Interaction, User Experience, Usability, and other related disciplines. PhillyCHI holds monthly meetings and socials to network and discuss current topics in HCI. Learn more at or follow along on Twitter at @PhillyCHI.

Metadata is a Love Note to the Future

People find metadata inscrutable, even intimidating. Maybe they think it’s just something to do with SEO. Or, thanks to some high-profile security violations, they think metadata is trying to rob them of their privacy. I prefer the view proposed by archivist/historian Jason Scott: “Metadata is a love note to the future.” Data we’re generating is not inherently good or bad, but gains value (or poses risk) depending on how we use it. We may not understand the meaning of all this data we’ve created, but eventually people will develop ways to make sense of it, find unforeseen connections, and create new knowledge.

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